Service Solutions

Our “service solutions” underline our “working solutions” philosophy.

After we have delivered a machine we continue to help our customers make effective use of their equipment. This approach minimises plant down-time and increases the reliability and productivity.

The planning, development and design is the most important part of our engineering services before the production. With the latest technology and the closeness to the branches of our customers, we are in a position to recognize the demands of the future and develop the possible solutions to suit.

With “State-of-the-art” 3D-CAD systems, firstly virtual models are calculated and generated. That ensures our high standard of quality and increases the effectiveness on the way towards an optimal end product.


Our team provides special user training courses on TML products:

  • Operator training course • Mechanics training course
  • Electronics training course • Hydraulics training course


Our experienced and highly qualified technicians commission the machines strictly following our specific guidelines, thus ensuring that every machine can start work successfully.


As we progress along the path to the optimum end product we make use of Finite Element software and simulation programs to calculate forces, dimension each of the components, and to measure the hydraulics. We use simulation models to optimise the way each component interacts with the entire system.

Safety tests

We carry out regular safety tests (accident prevention tests) on equipment and machines.

Original spare parts

Machines are only as reliable as their wearing parts and their replacement parts. For this reason we only use our own proven and authorised original spare parts.


Because we focus on specific sectors, we know all about the conditions in which our customers operate. After intensive “face to face” discussions, we work out the most appropriate – and economical – solution – working solutions.

Maintenance, inspections, and repairs

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance increase machine and plant availability. This leads to detection of any potential failures, that can be rectified and prevented at an early stage. To ensure an optimum supply of spare parts, our service engineers inspect your spare parts stock and make topup recommendations. Maintenance and overhauling work is arranged, as far as possible, for the most appropriate timing, in order to not interrupt production schedules. We also repair other makes of mobile equipment.

Made to measure plant engineering – meeting standards

Throughout the world, customers trust us to construct their specialist telescopic excavators and machinery. But also when it comes to manufacturing special system components which we design, develop, and manufacture to individual requirements, our customers can rely on the expertise and experience of our engineers and technicians. With our modern workshops and machines designed to meet the special mechanical engineering requirements imposed, we also manufacture devices and systems as per customer supplied engineering specifications.